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6 Tips for Avoiding Crowds of Tourists in Popular Cities

How to enjoy some of the worlds busiest cities

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Halloween Special: Spooky Superstitions from Around the Globe

Happy Halloween! Whether you’re out Trick or Treating or partying hard in a scary costume, there is something quite interesting and prevalent about superstitions around this time of year. The

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Finding Hope

If there’s one thing that we can always be sure of, it’s that the sun will always rise and set. No matter where you are, who you are or what

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Nature Photo Challenge

A little over a week ago, I was nominated by a friend to participate in the Nature Photo Challenge – a challenge that sees nominated people share their favourite nature


Bucket list

This blog post is kind of going to steer away from the typical travel blog posts that fill the archives of Kachina’s Nomaddiction. If you follow my blog, I’m sure


Camilla – Hendrix College, AR

Who: Camilla from Denmark Website: When: Spring semester, 2013 Where: Hendrix College, Conway, AR, USA – At my home university I was studying Modern English and International Business Communication.

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Cass – University of Nantes

Who: Cass from London UK (originally Calgary Canada) Website: When: Jan – June 2007 Where: – Attended Villanova university in Philly normally – Abroad at IES abroad and university of Nantes

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Michelle -University of Sydney

  Who: Michelle from Atlanta, GA, USA  Website: When: July-December 2010 Where: University of Sydney, NSW, Australia -Psychology.     What made you decide that you wanted to participate in

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Ivana – Universidad de Granada, Spain

Who: Ivana; Alberta, Canada Website: When: January-May 2015 Where: Universidad de Granada, Spain – Studying Spanish language and culture What made you decide that you wanted to participate in