Hi, I’m Kachina and I’m a self-confessed nomaddict.
Nomaddict |nəʊˈmˈadɪkt|: an addiction of the nomadic lifestyle. AKA wanderlust, travel junkie, globe-trotter, adventurer.
Nomaddiction Blog came to fruition following the desire to connect with like-minded people; people who live and breathe travel. To me, travel is about so much more than moving from point A to point B. It’s about the journey; getting there, what you experience along the way and of course, returning home. It’s about self-development and learning; breaking down the barriers and learning through experience that we are all one and the same – human.
Nomaddiction Blog is a global community, made for those who truly embody what it means to be a nomaddict. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned traveller or you’ve not yet ventured outside of your country – there’s something for everyone at Nomaddiction.
I hope you can find something new that allows your mind to wander to all corners of the globe on this blog.

Happy Travels,