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Ohhhh Caaanadaaa!

First and foremost, Happy Canada Day to my Canadian pals! There are so many wonderful things about what is often described as the cold version of Australia. The people are


Boot Scootin' into the New Year

I mentioned it in my last post, but I’m going to tell you all again. I love this time of year! While a lot of people find themselves in a

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Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving. An American tradition that I’m sure anyone who’s seen any American TV series will have knowledge of. Being a fan of many American TV and film productions, I was

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Motorcycle: Montana Part II

Imagine you’re all snuggled up with your special someone, in a nice King-sized bed. Inside the room is toasty warm, and for now, you don’t even care about how it


Motorcycle Saga: Montana

So my last motorcycle post ended with me telling you guys where exactly Henry and I went on our great-American-two-wheeled-adventure. If only re-telling a story could be as simple as

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Motorcycle Saga: North America Part II

Insight into how Henry and I planned and prepared for this adventure. And a brief overview of the products that we used for both the Motorcycle and Camping.

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2 Months. North America. Motorbike. 8000 Miles.

There’s been a noticeable gap between blog posts over the last month. Life certainly likes to show it has no limits when the semester is coming to an end! While


Studying Abroad in America

While travelling around America at the age of fourteen, I became enchanted by the idea of going to an American school. I’d seen so many films based on high school

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