If there’s one thing that we can always be sure of, it’s that the sun will always rise and set. No matter where you are, who you are or what you’re doing, the sun will rise everyday and set every day.
The last couple of weeks have been tough. I’ve had to say goodbye to someone who inspired me from a very young age. The world can be a cruel place sometimes, but dwelling on this doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Somewhere along the way, I managed to find some stability, a streak of hope. The sun will always rise and present itself with a new day.
If anything, this past month has reinforced just how grateful I am for my health. Without it, I couldn’t continue to do what I love to do the most – travel. As corny and clichéd as it is, make sure you live every day to the absolute fullest. Live without regrets and love endlessly.


A New Day


Wollongong, NSW Australia


Byron Bay, NSW Australia


Sanur, Bali Indonesia