Halloween Special: Spooky Superstitions from Around the Globe

Happy Halloween! Whether you’re out Trick or Treating or partying hard in a scary costume, there is something quite interesting and prevalent about superstitions around this time of year. The number 13 pops up a lot, as do black cats.
In the West, we’re all aware of these odd kinds of beliefs. But, did you know, that there are superstitions just as strange all over the world? After a little research, I put together 5 of my favourite, to get you into the mood for a spooky Halloween night! 👻🎃



Trick or Treating in Virginia in 2009


Great Britain
Always greet lone magpies, or bad luck will follow you for the rest of the day. It is thought that the tradition comes from the fact that magpies are typically found in pairs. Therefore, a lone magpie equates to sadness. If you add “one for sorrow, two for joy” to your greeting, you’re further ensuring that the magpie will be nice to you and won’t steal any of your shiny belongings.

It’s bad luck to speak former President’s Carlos Menem’s name aloud. If spoken, all within earshot must ‘knock on wood’, or so be the case in Argentina, touch their left testicle or breast.

It’s bad luck to let your wallet or purse hit the ground. It means you’ll lose money.

In Denmark, broken dishes are collected year-round and saved, to be thrown at the houses of friends and family on New Years. The bigger the pile of porcelain, the better luck the recipients will have in the coming year.

Women are taught from a young age to avoid goat’s meat, as it will cause them to grow beards.

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